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  Welcome to the offical Defenders of Zentax Door Game website. Here is the files section, with some comments from it's author.

Latest Game Files Section

Whenever a new version of DOZ is released, you'll find it here. You'll also find any add-ons I create in the future here, and maybe a few add-ons written by others. If you have an add-on you'd like me to consider putting up, send me an email telling me what it's about, and we'll see. Since I'm using Juno, you won't be able to attach files, so anything that IS sent to me will have to be UUEncoded, and I'll give you a different address to send it too.

- {DOZPB1.ZIP} Defenders of Zentax v0.57 - Public Beta 1 Size: 156k

Email the author at Jeffrey Bowman(Zeltar)

How about the web designer of this page? Kenneth J. Pierson (Methos)