Team Player: Lensflare's Challenge
(alpha test version)


  • You're going to need DirectX 8.1. Possibly 8.0, but I haven't tried it. Upgrade to DirectX 9 here if your version isn't new enough.

  • I'd say you need at least 32mb of ram. I'm not sure what the absolute slowest cpu speed would be to run it playably, but it runs fine for me at just 200mhz with a Voodoo3.

  • You need a 3d video card with probably 4 megs of video memory at least. It runs in 1024x768 16bit color by default. You might get by with a 2 meg video card by using the /640 command line switch.

Installation instructions

Just download and extract to a folder of your choice. The HLGAME folder will be created, containing all the necessary junk, where all you have to do is double-click on HAZLABGAME.EXE. You should read the README.TXT for the keys and such.

Upgrade instructions

Make sure you have the newest Full version, then download any Graphics / Binary / Data update packages available, and just uncompress them into your HLGAME folder on top of what you already have.


  • Full (8-03-03)

    - Fixed head bobbing during jump. Also made arms move somewhat.
    - Updated animation system to load animations using all available methods from data files. Some animations (head bobbing for example) were still hard coded before doing so.
    - Vector mouse cursor added.
    - Modified large texture loading routines. Hopefully fixed the texture looping thing I saw on Hazz0rd's comput0r.


  • Graphics:
  • Binary:

  • Data: