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  Welcome to the offical Defenders of Zentax Door Game website. Here is the latest news from it's author, Jeffrey Bowman(Zeltar).

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May 7th, 1998

      First of all, you'll probably notice that this was written a few days before this web site was even up. That's because my computer isn't good enough to use the Internet, so a good friend of mine, Kenneth Pierson, agreed to create a page for me. So there will usually be about a day or so difference when you see the Latest News from when it was written. Also, I just want to point out that if you think this site looks kinda simple, or even stupid, it'sbecause I TOLD Kenneth to do it that way. He's busy with college and all, and I'm lucky to have a web page at all, so I told him I don't care what it looks like, as long as there's a link for the Latest News and the Files. When I get a better computer and Internet access for myself, I'll touch it up to make it perty. :)

      Now to the part you're looking for: The News! There's not much to fill you in on as of yet, other than the fact I'm still working on the storyline. I have everything planned and sketched out on paper, I just need to actually put it in the game. It may sound easy, but coming up with hundreds of individual conversations takes time. :) This game will be HUGE though, so it will probably take a few beta's to get it all tested.

      You're probably wondering "How much is he gonna charge us for this great game?" :) Well, first of all, I'm not exactly sure WHEN I'll be accepting registrations. I don't want to ask for money on a game that's not even 1/4 complete. When I think it's big enough, or enough of you people tell me so, I'll add the registration parts to the game. I mainly want as many people as possible testing ALL of the game, and letting people register now would cost me a lot of testers, since not everybody is gonna want to register a beta version. But I can tell you this: Registration will cost about 12 bucks, and I'll offer a special deal if you order with a friend. The profit I make will go to upgrading this awful computer of mine, so that I can work on DOZ easier,and create new games. I have SEVERAL great game ideas, I just can't do them with this computer. I will tell you that they involve totally new concepts for BBS games. :) But once I can actually multitask a text editor, DOZ, and the Map Editor, I'll be dishing out new parts for DOZ in no time. hehe.

      That's another thing. I would like to create new parts of the DOZ storyline later on, after the first part is done. These will be free to those of you who registered of course, requiring the registered version to work.

      There's a lot that can be done with the game's engine, so I don't see me dropping it anytime soon. If you have an idea for a storyline you might want to see, let me know. I might be able to work it in.

Just in case you're wondering, here's the computer DOZ was written on:

    2 megs of ram
    42 and 10 meg MFM hard drives
    CGA graphics
    3.5 in. 720k and 5.25 in. 1.2 meg floppy drives
    14.4 modem
    8-bit sound card

DOZ was started on an old 8088 with a 20 meg hard drive, with the normal 640k of ram. Just goes to show you they're good for something. :)


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