Contact Me!

Have something to say? Well then say it! Find me here. Look down. See those things? Hurry, before you miss me!

Email: You can send me a message at

IRC: On Dalnet, as "MacGyver". Once in a while you'll catch me as "Zordon", too. Or "FyberOptic". Maybe as "Zeltar". Hell, I have too many nicks. Just look for the first one!

I also created the channel #electris, so feel free to drop in there as well.

ICQ: My # is 34832140. I'm Zeltar. Yes I am.

AIM: I'm FyberOptic1979.

Yahoo Messenger: I'm FyberOptic1979 here too.

Message Boards: Look over to your left. A little farther... no, a little higher... down some... there you go. Click that thing right there that says "Message Boards", and you'll be swept away into an amazing world of... messages. It's quite amazing... really...