Welcome to Planet Zentax! This is the home of Electris, and the future home of Defenders of Zentax (DOZ for short). I hope to have up soon some artwork, and even some music I've created, along with older programs I made back in the day, so keep an eye out. Until then, feel free to browse around, and to pass on any comments you have, either on the message boards, or to me personally (look on the Contact Me page to learn how).

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Finished Projects

9-01-02 - Electris v1.0 released

9-05-02 - Electris v1.1 released

12-27-02 - "Gordon" web comic

6-23-03 - Electris v1.2 released

In the Works

- 2d game engine using Direct3D

- 3d game engine

- Defenders of Zentax