UPDATE - Friday, March 1st, 2002

For anyone who's visited the site before today, you'll notice I've redesigned it.  For the most part, at least.  I didn't change the files page.  But the link is still there to get the game if anyone still wants it.  I'm going to add some 3dsmax art soon, and maybe some fiction I've written over the years.  I might also add a blog instead of this current method of adding news.  

UPDATE - Friday, February 22nd, 2002

I think I might start updating the site on a regular basis, just with what's going on regarding programming and such. I want to redesign the site as well, but for now, I'll leave it simple. I've been tinkering with DirectX programming lately... both DirectDraw, and Direct3D. I started a simple little game in DirectDraw(which I may start posting here for people to play with as I go along), but then I started playing with 3D modeling and animation, which I find a lot of fun, so I might go for a game in 3D. I have some good ideas in mind, too. One of which based on part of the Defenders of Zentax story. I'm not the greatest artist in the world, but at least 3D modeling doesn't require tons of talent in the drawing department. ;) I might start putting some rendered art up soon, so keep an eye out. I also added a message board, so give it a whirl!

UPDATE - Saturday, February 2nd, 2002

I haven't updated this page in I don't know when. Mostly because I haven't worked on the game in a long time. I still see it floating around out there on the BBS file lists, so maybe somebody's using it. In any case, if anyone actually IS using it, and would like to possibly see a finished version, let me know. The email at the bottom should work. If enough people are interested, I might start working on it again. Or port it to Win32, or who knows what. The game may have stopped production, but the storyline has evolved over the years, to the point I want to do something with it. Even if that's just to write a book out of it(which I've already started). But a lot of work was also put into developing the door itself, so I hate to let all that time spent go to waste. I'm pondering releasing the source code, or just selling the rights of the door engine to a single developer if there's actually any interest. Feel free to email me your comments/suggestions.

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