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Friday, February 21, 2003

I finally added some stuff to the site. I got the Bio page up, which you can find by clicking the new button on the bar. It's still rough-looking, as most of the pages on the site are, but I'll fancy them up when I get some time.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Out of the blue earlier, I decided I would tinker around with Electris some more. Low and behold, I found the flickering cursor bug some of you reported. When I wrote the game, I was using a different video card, and had no problem. But now on my Voodoo3, there it was.. rearing it's ugly head. So I found out what causes it, and fixed it. I also fixed some redrawing problems, and issues with the ogg vorbis audio part of it. Whenever I make that top score background graphic I want, then I'll have v1.2 done, as I can't think of anything else to add. Well.. I need to make it play more than one song, but that's a trivial thing to add.

I've also been working on Direct2d. I should note here that despite me being "clever" and thinking up the name myself, I discovered I'm not the original person to coin the term, so I already have a new codename for the game engine. One which is still a secret! But it's coming along well. I now believe I have pixel-perfect alignment of textures. I've decided to adopt a few changes to the scripting langage, cause it will need to be parsed quickly, and doing standard C++ syntax will take more processing than what I have in mind. Just minor changes though, as not to become too confusing. I've started work on an IDE to write the code in, which will eventually let you execute that code in real time to debug your scripts. At some point, all three will be merged, into one mighty fighting force! Or, it won't. Don't mind me, I went through 5 hours of Power Rangers today during the sixth ranger marathon.

I've been working on some website updates as well. I want to add more sections, with old stuff I've done, a bio of me and all the projects I've made over the years, etc etc. I don't want it to seem like all I ever did was make Electris and DOZ. Cause y'know, I haven't. Or have, made them, but not only them. Cause there's more, aside from those, but not just those. Ya know?

I'm working on way too much. I need to be making a new episode of Gordon, too. But if I rush it, it won't be funny, so what's the point. Though I should point out, it's not always intended to BE funny. It does have a plot.. just with humor mixed in. If some parts don't seem funny, then maybe they weren't meant to be. Not only could that be the truth, but it's a convenient excuse to give if I make a bad joke. ;)

Look at the time.. I better get to *falls asleep*

Monday, February 03, 2003

I prolly should have said this last night, but Gordon #3 is fully up now. Let me know what ya think!

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Hmm, I posted an entry last time, but it obviously didn't upload it. In any case, there it is, under this one.

Gordon episode #3 is finished, with possibly some tweaking left to make the filesize smaller, and maybe add some more sound effects here and there. Look for it later tonight. Or hell, just view the current version right here. I haven't even made a no sound version yet. Usually I start making it with no sound, but I've started re-using the same file for each episode, which makes things much easier. I'm not sure if I'll even bother. How many of you are like me and have sucky-ass computers that can barely play it? Let me know. Otherwise I'll just save the trouble and not make the second version from now on.

Oh, and Gordon won the vote on Hazard Labs!