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Saturday, July 19, 2003

The Tripod ads are getting a little outrageous. I got 4 just loading the main page just now. Though I think that's cause it's a frames page, so I may try to go non-frames to reduce the number of ads for now, unless I can get at least $5 flowing to them each month to get a pay account.

I'm still working on a programming project for Hazard Labs (or well two, actually). Both have come along pretty good so far. Though this is that frustrating stage where you try to make all the core components work, and work together, so that you have something to build on. I believe I see the light at the end of the tunnel now though. And I've definately learned how to do a few things which I'll need in the future. One of which is that I finally figured out and perfected mouse-clicking on objects in a 3d environment.

Speaking of which, I've seriously considered lately having a section devoted to teaching others how to do DirectX programming and such. I've read countless tutorials and web pages over the years to learn this stuff on my own, so I thought I'd try to return the favor by helping others learn it.

Anyhoo, I have 99 of the 100 secret thingers in Vice City, so I have to go through the entire list to see which one was missed. Blah!

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Blah, Tripod is throwing up ads when you click on any of the buttons now. The whole point in me making the site frames was because the only ads you got back then was when you first went to it. Oh well. Maybe when I get some cash rolling in I'll pay Tripod to stick the ads somewhere else.

After discovering that collision detection is pretty difficult to implement in anything that's not pure 2d movement, I've put the graphical DOZ project on hold for a little bit again while I work on a joint project with Hazard Labs. It'll work out for the best though, as you learn stuff with every project which you take with you to the next one. It can't hurt to get in some more basic collision detection experience with this one.

I noticed in the Bio that I said "jaz" and not "jazz", which I fixed earlier. I'm not stupid, trust me!

Now that my computer has decided to behave (or at least I hope), I'll try to get some work done.